IPower 8Kva 100% Copper Key Start Generator | IN13000cew


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The iPower IN13000cew 8000WATTS/7500KVA (Key Starter) Generator is durable, designed to work 24/7 when need be
and offer you the best performance when it comes to generating power when the
main power supply is out. It generates 8 KVA of electricity which
powers your household equipment and also giving you light. It has a 25 liters
internal tank that have the capacity to take in as much fuel and 0.6 liter oil
that will last you all day and more
depending on how you manage it before refueling again. It is very economical as
it does not consume much fuel, with an oil alert lamp that indicates the current
level of fuel. Get this red and black colored generator on Jumia for your family to enjoy, and also to
solve your power needs when there is blackout from the main power supply. The
iPower IN13000cew 8000WATTS/7500KVA (Key Starter) Generator that is designed to offer you stable power for you to watch your
favorite drama, for your refrigerator/ freezer to function and for you to be able to see
your way around the house when the main power supply is uninterrupted. It comes
with wheels that make it easier for you to move it around and the starting
system is by passing electricity through cable and it has a key start function
that switch on the generator with ease. The voltage regulates stable power for
your appliances and it comes with a very low noise that will not disturb your neighbors.

  • A/c Output:- 220 – 240 volts
  • Starting: Recoil/Electric
  • Starting Watts: 8000watts Max
  • Running Watts: 7500watts Rated
  • Ignition System: Transistor Magneto
  • Engine Model SC260
  • Model 7.0HP
  • Engine Type: OHV Air-cooled;4-stroke;OHV;Single Cylinder
  • Displacement 259cc
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 15L
  • Continous Operating Time11.5h
  • Min.Fuel Consumption 313g/kW·h
  • Noise Level 78dB
  • Lube. Oil Capacity 0.6L

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