Firman 6kva Key Start Generator – FPG8800E2


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The FIRMAN FPG8800E2 is a cost-effective generator for your home or small business. The FIRMAN FPG8800E2 is a value for your money. However, the generator is model 8800; it is not an 8.0KVA generator. It is rated at 6KVA and has a recommended maximum load of 6KVA. So this 6KVA generator would be able to power your fans, bulbs, 1 TV, 1 Home theatre, Fridge or Freezer, 2HP or 1.5HP or 1HP FIRMAN Inverter Air Conditioner. It is essential to load generators cautiously to prevent overload. 


  1. 25L Fuel Tank Capacity: The FIRMAN FPG8800E2R generator has a 25-litre fuel tank, ensuring it can run up to 10 hours at a 50% load. Fueling the FPG8800E2R generator will comfortably carry you for half a day.
  2. 4-stroke OHV Engine: The FIRMAN FPG8800E2R generator runs on a SPE440E, MAX 15.0HP, 4-stroke single-cylinder, air-cooled, OHV engine, which guarantees powerful performance, precise valve actuation, excellent heat dissipation, low fuel consumption and reduced noise level.
  3. Fuel meter: The FIRMAN FPG8800E2R generator comes with a fuel meter which displays the fuel level, making the process a little less crude.
  4. Single Phase: The FIRMAN FPG8800E2R generator is a single-phase generator that provides an efficient source at a low cost.
  5. Automatic Voltage Regulator: The FIRMAN FPG8800E2R generator comes with an automatic voltage regulator. It runs on a 220 Voltage per 50 Hertz, stabilising voltage output and frequency, thereby preventing voltage fluctuation. 
  6. 2-wheel transport kit: The FIRMAN FPG8800E2R has two big wheels allowing easy movement. Hence, this means that you can move it from the point of storage to the point of operation in the home, office, or outdoor location.
  7. Metal handle: The generator has two metal handles supporting the FIRMAN FPG8800E2R generator’s two wheels in discharging their duties. You can hold on to them to pull/push the generator in any direction.
  8. Starting Watts: 6500W.
  9. Running Watts: 6000W.
  10. DC Output: 12V / 8.3A.
  11. Weight(kg): The FIRMAN FPG8800E2R generator weighs 101.3kg.
  12. Noise level: The FIRMAN FPG8800E2R generator has a noise level of 7 meters at 72dB.

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