Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Warri Online Market?

It is an online market hub powered by Formag Stores (A subsidiary of Formag Logistics & Supplies) where buyers meet sellers and shopping is made easy, simple and stress free. Its target market is within the city of Warri and its environs for now.

2. How genuine are the products online?

We are committed to offering our customers 100% genuine and original products, and this we achieve by making sure we scrutinize and do a product check on all our vendors before on boarding them to sell

3. How do I pay on Formagstores?

You can choose from different methods of payments; Pay on Delivery (Pay Via POS, Bank Transfers), Pay online using debit/credit card. Payment methods can be seen during the final steps of checkout.

4. Do I need to show means of Identification for prepaid package?

Yes, for clarity purpose, it is important you show a means of identification to verify the package belongs to you.

5. Can I open my package before making payments?

Payments have to be made before packages are opened. You still have chances to return if it does not meet the requirements.

6. What guarantee can I get from Formag Stores?

Formag stores guarantee that all products are authentic and are delivered in good condition.

7. What is the estimated delivery time?

Since we are covering Warri and its environs for now, the estimated delivery time for all orders placed before 4pm on a daily basic is 3 hours, except order placed on Sunday which will be delivered on Monday morning.
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